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Inductor Manufacturer & Choke Manufacturer

Zonkas Electronic was founded as a inductor manufacturer and choke manufacturer providing mutilayer ferrite chip inductor, wire wound ferrite chip inductor, unshielded power inductor, shielded power inductor, axial choke coil inductor, iron power choke, high flux choke, RF choke, and more. The inductor and choke products are manuafactured in precision and superiority to meet your highest level of requirements. The inductor features excellent Q factor, SRF characteristics, cost effectiveness, small size of 1005/1608 suitable for small portable equipment, inductance values from 1.0 nH to 330 nH, etc. In addition, the choke features high maximum flux density, low cost and large energy storage capacity. Zonkas is your most reliable choke manufacturer and inductor manufacturer.