Zonkas built in 1982 which manufacture capacitor, inductor and transformer. The head office is in Taiwan and there is 1 factories in China: Dongguan Factory (Dongguan City Zonkas Electronic), Suzhou is office (Suzhou Zonkas Electronic)..

Our registered brand is ZONKAS and main products including: various inductors, transformers, Safety Capacitor (Y1, Y2, X1, X2), Ceramic Capacitor, Film Capacitor and Electrolytic Capacitor.

Our product quality is reliable and certified by UL, CUL, VDE, NEMKO, ENEC, CQC, EK. We upgrade the UL voltage to be 500VAC on 2014 , and the quality system was certified by ISO9001 and IS14001. Green procedure was implement and also compliance with RoHS.

The stable quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, kindness service are our advantage and we will be your good partner.

  • Established in 1982 
  • Monthly Output: 160,000 K PCS

Main Products:

Capacitor: Ceramic Disc Capacitor, Multilayer Leaded Ceramic Capacitor (radial/axial), Safety Capacitor (Y1, Y2, X1,X2), Mini Box Capacitor (mini/ultra mini), Film Capacitor, Electrolytic Capacitor (radial/axial)
Inductor: Toroid Coil, Choke Inductor (radial/axial), Power Inductor, Aircoil inductor, Toids Power Choke, Axial Fixed Inductor

Other Products:

SMD Ceramic Capacitor, SMD Electrolytic Capacitor, Resistor, Varistor, NTC Thermistor, Resettable Fuses, Diode, Tantalum Capacitor, Quartz