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Film Capacitor

Zonkas Electronic was founded as professional capacitor manufacturer, especially in offering Film Capacitors. The features of film capacitor are non-inductive construction, self-healing, high reliable and superior performance in high frequency applications. It is applied to filter and noise suppression circuit, pulse logic and timing circuit, DC blocking, by-passing and signal coupling in general communication equipment. The construction of film capacitor includes polyeser film dielectric with vacuum-evaporated metal electrodes, radial leads of tinned wire are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of capacitor winding, expoxy resin coating.

Now we have a full range of electronic film capacitors, such as:

  • Polypropylene (PP) film capacitors
  • Polyester (PET) film capacitors
  • Metallized plastic film capacitors
  • X1/X2 film capacitor
  • Film/Foil capacitors
  • Lamp film capacitor

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